The Chills - Rolling Moon (live at the Windsor Castle, Auckland, 10 May 1985)

"Rolling Moon" was among the first generation of songs that Martin Phillipps wrote for The Chills, along with other compositions such as "I Saw Your Silhouette", "Lost In Space", "16 Heart Throbs" and "Juicy Creaming Soda", among others. It was first performed live in early 1981, and has remained in their set ever since then. From its inception it was a strong contender for a single release and indeed, it was recorded, along with the song "Bite", at the Deer Stalkers Hall in Auckland on the 19th of May 1982, and was released as The Chills first 7" single later that year. Around 20 second of this video was included in the 2007 "Heavenly Pop Hits" documentary screened in New Zealand. This concert was filmed by Bob Sutton on a Panasonic video camera, the same video camera that was used to film the Doublehappys "Needles and Plastic" video the following month. It was digitised from the original master tape in December 2010. The Chills lineup at this point was Martin Phillipps (guitars/vocals), Terry Moore (bass/vocals), Peter Allison (keyboards/vocals), Alan Haig (drums).

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