Flamethrower - live at the Rumba Bar, Auckland 1982

Despite this being the released version of Flamethrower that subsequently appeared on the Rolling Moon single (the last half of the official video clip is taken directly from this footage), the audio you are hearing is from the T.V.N.Z camera's inbuilt microphone, not the Chris Knox and Doug Hood 4-Track mix.

This was a private show, other bands on the bill included The Clean, Tall Dwarfs, Nocturnal Projections and This Sporting Life. The show was not only was filmed by T.V.N.Z. but was also recorded on a TEAC 4-Track by Chris Knox and Doug Hood; some of the audio subsequently released includes "Flamethrower" by the Chills as one of two B-sides to the Rolling Moon single (1982) and "Two Fat Sisters" and "Happy Birthday John" by The Clean, released on their posthumous 12" E.P. Live Dead Clean (1986). The Chills line up at this point in time was Martin Phillipps (guitars / vocals), Terry Moore (bass / vocals), Rachel Phillipps (keyboards) and Martyn Bull (drums).

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