Lost in Space/I think I'd Thought...Live at the Monte Cristo Room June 12 2009

Filmed by a fan from the stage...

Tags: Chills MartinPhillipps Lostinspace Baccoroom

Whole Weird World

From the Lost EP

Tags: Chills wholeweirdworld MartinPhillipps dunedin

Kaleidoscope World

The Original Video

Tags: Chills Kaleidoscope World Dunedin MartinPhillipps

Dan Destiny & The Silver Dawn

From Radio With Pictures, 1988
Tags: flying nun kiwi nz new zealand martin phillipps 1980s charvel

ladybird, martin phillips, the chills, dunedin

circadian rythm Jam, the chills martin phillips, ladybird, dunedin, sophie, bob scott

Tags: martin phillips ladybird the chills