Stand By Digital Album With Bonus Videos

Greetings Chilly-Chums!
As the many years of riffs and lyric ideas are now 90% digitised and being sorted into songs the next album is creeping ever closer. Meanwhile we have made available for your listening and viewing pleasure a digital package of the 'Stand By' extended E.P. from 2004 which, statistically, we know quite a number of you failed to check out!

This version comes with bonuses: a previous commecially unreleased audio track from the same sessions called  'Find Your Own Way Home' and videos of 'February' from our gig at the East Brunswick club in Melbourne last May and a beautifully filmed version of 'True Romance' recorded in 2004 when we were filming for John Campbell's 'Queen's Tour' documentary series.

The album can be downloaded from the store at by clicking on this link

More interesting Chills news is on the horizon but meanwhile Enjoy!

Martin Phillipps,
New Zealand.
October 2010.

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