Christmas greetings 2016

Greetings from the Chills and I, here in New Zealand, to all our friends, fans and families!

We hope you all have a wonderful festive season and a happy new...

Well, OK.
Let's face it.
2016 has been a year full of "surprises" to put it mildly!

And 2017 is shaping up to be another year when we (most of us generally open-minded and kind people) are just going to have to toughen up.
History is showing (once again) how ruthless, willfully ignorant and downright dangerous the powerfully elite can be and, while we must all take care of our own and our immediate environments, we have also been learning the hard way that we must be far more pro-active on a global scale in the immediate future if we are to avoid some truly disastrous decisions being made for us.

So I am thankful that there is still the freedom of expression and joy of communication through music that we can share.

For The Chills 2016 was yet another exciting year with touring and the ongoing promotion of 2015's 'Silver Bullets' album.
The two New York shows and the return to Europe for a quick second tour were definite highlights.

Plans for next year include shows already booked in New Zealand (some with special friends!) while other gigs further afield are being finalised.
We have also recently completed some fine new recordings (more on that at the appropriate time!) and I am underway writing towards the next album which is already exciting!

And, on a more personal note, I have received the most amazing Christmas present in the form of confirmation that I have been accepted for a course of a new and very successful drug to get rid of the Hepatitis C virus which has plagued me for nearly two decades.
This should mean you get many more years of life and music-making out of me than had been previously predicted!

So we hope you will all stay safe, come along for the ride and...
Stay Chilled!

Love from us all.

Martin Phillipps, The Chills and all our wonderful team.

p.s. And here is a pretty Christmas close-up image of "snowflakes" - which are actually the Hepatitis C virus in action!

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