Learning Twitter And To Try Again.

We have recently taken to "Tweeting", which while fun is fraught with new challenges like how do you explain the answer to a simple question when the answer is not so straightforward or 140 digits long, or how does one "like" someone on Twitter (We know now!)....So...yes, FUN, but FRAUGHT.

In answer to a Mr Kelly from Irelands question on Twitter which was:

If I may ask, one of my favourite Chills songs is 'Learn To Try Again'. Did it ever near an official recorded release?

'Learn To Try Again' would have been on the first of the two unrecorded Chills' albums from the early '80's had they existed, along with other songs like 'I Saw Your Silhouette', 'Lost In Space' and 'The Other'.

As we have gradually re-learned these songs there has been ongoing talk of recording them properly and releasing an album of the lost songs.
Now that we are becoming much more active in the studio this has become more likely than previously but it would be unfair of me to make any promises - except to say this is something I would really love to see happen.
Martin Phillipps.
June 2014.
PS  While we will try to reply to every "Tweeted/Twitted/Twooted" question it may not always be possible. You struck us on a  good day ;-)


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