Seasons greetings message and update from Martin

Greetings everyone!

Some of may have gathered that The Chills were in an excellent studio, Karma Sound Studios, in Thailand a couple of months  ago and I am pleased to announce that, not only did we get some amazing recording done, one of the tracks we recorded was an eight-minute epic which constitutes the first song for the new album. This song is about 95% complete and un-mixed but is already causing jaws to drop amongst the small circle who we have played it to thus far.

The album's working title is, in my head at least, still 'Silver Bullets' as it has been since the completion of the 'Sunburnt' album back in 1995 and I am currently working on another ten or more songs which I've selected from the mass of available material built up over the years to take to the next stage which is my home-demo version.

Then we'll do rehearsals and band demo's and then, at last, the real thing.

We would love to see it released later next year but there will be, of course, many practical considerations so don't hold me to that as a promise.

But I just wanted to let you all know that it is finally happening - and the niggling concerns that I, and others, have had about what would The Chills' sound be like fully utilising a modern studio in the 21st century have been entirely laid to rest.

If this track is indicative of where we, as a band, are taking this project - then it's going to be awesome.

We also have plans falling into place for new videos, tours and other "interesting projects in the works" so next year will be exciting working with both the new Far South label through Fire Records and also with our long-time allies Flying Nun Records for some back-catalogue projects.

This year has been full of surprises and I'd like to thank the band, Todd, James, Erica and Oli for being there with me and for constantly rising to challenges and becoming a much stronger group.

It couldn't have happened without manager and friend Scott Muir and with the many other people we have worked with.

A special thank you goes to sound-person Mike Holland who has worked on most of our recent live shows and recordings and who came to Thailand with us where his presence proved to be essential.

And thanks to all our families and friends and all of you for your support and we hope you all have a great festive season and a satisfying new year.

Be safe, stay tuned and stay chilled.


Martin Phillipps,

Dunedin, New Zealand,

December 2013.


PS thanks Dan Goodwin at for the pic

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