The Martin Phillipps Theory of Dark Matter and the Already Collapsing Universe Part 2

Finishing off on this topic I can think of a couple of approaches to testing this concept which I would suspect are already being taken by anyone interested in proving the existence of Dark Matter.


FIRSTLY: Although the gravitational reactions between Dark Matter particles within the sphere of Our Matter could be infinitesimal and hard to discern, as opposed to nearer the immensity of its power at the conjectured outer rim, they may still be measurable - particularly around more unusual events like collapsing stars, actual Black Holes or even around the periphery of something as tiny as our own Sun. This is if Dark Matter particles do conform to the same gravitational rules as our Own Matter.


SECONDLY: These slightly more unusual cosmological event locations could conceivably also be the places to see the impact of condensed Dark Matter particles upon particles of Our Matter and they then may help to solve some observed unexplained anomalies.


If there's a Nobel prize triggered by this then I'd like a mention as the cash would be handy and the award would look nice gathering dust beside my music trophies.


As an odd postscript to this my father just sent this article on Edgar Allan Poe and Cosmology to me and the weird thing is that I hadn't even mentioned my dark matter theory to anyone.


He sent this because I was talking about the book 'The Beautiful Cigar Girl' which I had just read and that reminded him about this article he'd seen.

Thank you,

Martin Phillipps

10 December 2013

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