The Martin Phillipps Theory of Dark Matter and the Already Collapsing Universe. Part 1

Although I have next to no knowledge of physics and only slightly more of cosmology I've been thinking about this off and on for a few years - but it is still unashamed pseudo-science at best.


FIRSTLY: It is my understanding that, although we have become pretty good at measuring the effects of gravity under fairly normal circumstances, we still don't really know what it is.


SECONDLY: Although we have become aware that our Universe is expanding and actually speeding up we're not actually sure why.


So, here's my idea.


If Dark Matter does exist then perhaps it behaves in a similar fashion to air during an explosion: there is a lot of it (perhaps its condensed mass would be even more than the mass of the more solid particles effected by the blast) and it gets thrown further and perhaps more quickly than the actual debris - thereby creating a shockwave.

Unlike air, which encounters other air causing further repercussions and ultimate resistance, Dark Matter thrown out by the Big Bang would have presumably encountered nothing to slow it down.

Except perhaps if Dark Matter has its own type of gravitational attraction amongst its own particles - or perhaps more likely it is  susceptible to the same gravitational forces which effect Our Matter.


So, although there would be little or no Dark Matter remaining at the epicenter of the Big Bang, there would still be enough amongst the debris of Our Matter to exercise a hold over the fleeing outer Dark Matter by saying, essentially, "Hold on - that's as far as you go".

This would cause the nearer particles of the escaping Dark Matter to slow down and basically stop and begin to gather thereby beginning to form a gigantic ring outside the rim of Our Matter and this would in turn create a strong attractive force which would reach beyond to the further-flung particles of Dark Matter which would also slow down and then, inevitably, begin to return to this recently formed ring of Dark Matter. 


This means there could be a cosmologically brief period of stasis before the entire vast ring of Dark Matter began to be drawn back into the center of this Universe where the remaining Dark Matter and Our Matter were still contained because the Dark Matter, in effect, would begin to condense due to its own mutually attracted particles.


But Our Matter would also have become aware of the attractive gravitational properties of such condensed outer Dark Matter which would have the effect, either already in that brief period of stasis but more strongly as the Dark Matter ring began to condense and contract, of drawing Our Matter outwards to meet it.

This would explain why Our Matter is speeding up on its way outwards and, rather than showing that the Universe is still expanding, it could be a possible indication that the Universe is either in that brief period of stasis around its outer edges or it has already begun to collapse back into itself at an ever increasing rate.

This would continue until all Matter is once again condensed into a tiny ball with not enough time for the Universe to think "Wow, what an adventure!" before it explodes and the whole thing begins again - although perhaps with a completely different range of particles.

And then again and again…


I can think of a couple of approaches to testing this concept which I will continue in the second part of this missive..


Martin Phillipps,


6 December 2013.

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