It hasn't escaped my notice that the amount of covers of Chills songs is beginning to increase rather quickly! I thought that, before it got to a point where it might become difficult to keep track of, that I could ask you all to help us begin a file (which we'll keep available through the web site) of all the known covers - past, present and future.

So - I imagine there would be three categories initially:

Recorded covers of Chills songs - or anything you might consider relevant (like songs which mention us or refer to other Chills' songs). Like this:

Known live versions of Chills' songs - and, again, anything otherwise relevant.
This could also include prominent public use of actual Chills' recordings of our songs; e.g. I heard some years ago that our recording of 'I Love My Leather Jacket' was used by the Ramones, somewhere, over the P.A. just before they took to the stage.
I was also told that a friend had seen the Rolling Stones, somewhere, and 'The Oncoming Day' was one of the songs played over the P.A. sometime before they performed.
These things intrigue me - although real proof can be hard to come by.

The other aspect of this is the actual use of our songs in movies or behind news events, mime theatre etc.
For example, I remember when George Bush visited New Zealand (I think) he had somehow been given a brown leather jacket so, somewhere in my old video collection,  there is footage of the President descending the steps from an aircraft wearing a leather jacket with 'I Love My Leather Jacket' playing in the back-ground! This kind of thing is fun, great for the archives and possible future projects.

Please make contact with any suggestions or observations. Your help would be much appreciated.
Martin Phillipps.

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